Mentor Program
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The goal of the SPARC Mentor Program is to develop the next generation of auxiliary professionals by pairing experienced individuals with those who want to learn more about their unique role. SPARC believes that supporting healthy relationships between mentors and mentees provides both immediate and long-term benefits for the individuals and our profession as a whole. SPARC mentoring relationships are dynamic and flexible, providing education and expertise on a one-to-one basis.

Why Mentor?

By serving in a mentoring role in the challenging world of auxiliary programs, you are furthering professional development and shaping the future of our profession. Mentors serve as advocates, confidantes, and advisors, as you share your knowledge and strategic advice.

  • Share your wisdom
  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose and new approaches to problem-solving
  • Encourage individual growth and development
  • Share successes and failures that have informed your work
  • Support the development of new professionals in a growing field

Complete the SPARC Mentor Application Form.


Why Be a Mentee?

Make the most of your membership with SPARC. As a mentee, you will grow your personal and professional knowledge and network while learning from an experienced peer in the field.

  • Get advice based on real-world experiences
  • Create a lasting professional relationship
  • Gain new approaches to problem-solving
  • Get recommendations for specific best practices
  • Connect with a confidant about specific challenges

Complete the SPARC Mentee Application Form.