Over the past several months, SPARC teamed up with AUXS, the Auxiliary Services Organization, to undertake the first national survey specifically targeting the role of Auxiliary Program Director. The primary focus was on the position itself including the responsibilities, compensation, and job satisfaction. Please take the time to read through the results and we encourage you to share the data with anyone else that may be interested in the information.

The data received and the accompanying report will support the work of auxiliary program professionals in many ways:

  • Use the results to make data-driven decisions for your school
  • Benchmark your school’s performance with others from across the country
  • Review salary and compensation data for similar roles
  • Empower yourself with reliable, broad-based information
  • Create dashboards for an overview with the latest stats

AUXS will be launching a series of surveys and provide analysis and access to the data for all respondents.

Auxiliary Program Directors Annual Compensation and Position Report

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