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October 18, 2015


Many Summer and Auxiliary Programs use technology to help manage the many facets of their business operations. The most important 2 tools are a web-based management system that serves your program needs along with a content management website that allows you to continually edit and adjust your content. There are many good alternatives on the market for both and it’s critically important that you find the best match for your needs, which may not always match the needs of the school at large.

And then there are so many other technology resources to learn about and integrate into your business. Many of the Google tools from Drive to docs and forms, as I’m sure many of you use as well, along with social media tools for marketing and communication. But I want to know… what else are you using? Any apps, extensions, or tools that make some small or large aspect of what you do work better?

For example:
Roboform…We live in a world dominated by usernames and passwords. If you are struggling to find the best way to keep track of your ever-growing number of logins, consider this tool that works across platforms to securely store and manage all of your login information. There is a cost, but it’s well worth it.
TurboScan…to quickly turn paper documents into PDFs with smartphones
Smugmug…While there are many tools out there to manage and store photos, SmugMug is a great option to consider. It has a customizable design to help with branding, can easily be organized into multiple albums by date or program, allows families to purchase digital photos and prints directly, and allows tagging. Don’t overlook the fact that it becomes an effective way to store high quality photos from the summer that can be searched by keyword and downloaded.
Periscope…This is a great way to live-broadcast events and activities during camp. Parents love it!
TimeStation…we plan on using it this summer with our ipads for daily staff check-in and check-out and attendance record-keeping

Please share any new, creative and helpful tech tools that you currently use to improve your programs and business operations.

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