What’s Your Job?

October 18, 2015


Many Summer and Auxiliary Program Directors face the same constant question from colleagues in their school, “What exactly do you do all year?” We are all engaged in an ongoing effort to juggle our many responsibilities while constantly educating others about the nature of our work. The role is no longer a seasonal or add-on position for many schools. Most independent schools with medium to large summer/auxiliary programs now have a full time Director (if not additional staff from Assistant Directors to Office Managers). In fact, it’s one of the most common emerging administrative roles in schools.

The Director position typically reports to either the Head of School or the CFO, and includes a wide range of responsibilities from program development to human resources to marketing. As you continue to shape the role in a way that works for your school, take a look at several samples below:

Sample Position Description A

Sample Position Description B

Sample Position Description C

Sample Position Description D

Feel free to compare these templates to your own, and make sure that your dust-covered position description becomes both a living document and an accurate reflection of all that you do.

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