Jeet Singh
CEO and Co-Founder, Redstar Ventures

2017 SPARC Sessions

What Does Your Customer Really Want? Understanding Value When Creating New Products & Services In Any Industry

  60 minutes

Jeet Singh is a serial entrepreneur, musician and philanthropist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He has co-founded businesses in e-commerce software, marketing analytics, digital media, and education, including the NASDAQ-listed software firm ATG (acquired by Oracle Corp). He is currently also the co-founder and CEO at Redstar Ventures, a new business “foundry”, and Begin Studios, a digital media content and software startup. He has extensive experience in creating and growing organizations, including product development, marketing strategy, staffing, marketing, and fundraising.

In 2000, Jeet established the non-profit organization Winterline Foundation to promote the education of “global citizens”. As an outgrowth of these, in 2014 he founded the for-profit Winterline Global Education company, which offers skills-oriented gap-year and trimester programs for young adults, and develops skill-based curricula. At Begin Studios, he is designing and building an innovative media and software-based application to teach financial literacy to students and millennials.

Born in Sweden, Jeet has lived in Spain, the Soviet Union, South Vietnam, Colombia, Uganda, Finland, India, the Caribbean, and France. He is an avid scuba diver and tennis player and speaks English, Spanish, French and Hindi. He also writes, sings and plays with the Boston-based band The Singhs.