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SPARC Tank is a unique opportunity for members to "pitch their peers" to gain valuable feedback and input from a group of other Directors. Ongoing innovation is a critical skill for successful Directors of Auxiliary Programs, and the SPARK Tank forum provides the ideal setting for vetting ideas before implementing them. Is it a new summer program you're considering? A new operational procedure? A creative strategy to engage families? Enter the SPARC Tank and let your experienced colleagues add value to your ideas and optimize your success!




Each SPARC Tank session will last one hour and include two 30 minute pitches. The presenters and topics will be identified in advance so that attendees can decide whether or not they'd like to participate. Each 30 minute pitch will include a brief presentation of the idea, the reasoning behind the idea, along with identified opportunities and challenges. Presenters will then seek feedback from attendees regarding critical questions affecting the development of their idea.



There is not a set schedule for SPARC Tank. We will schedule a session whenever we have members ready to make their pitch and seek feedback from their peers.


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